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    Meditation, yoga therapy, teacher training, and contemplative sound practices offered in New York City and the Hudson Valley

  • Why home practice?

    What we do before we walk out the door determines everything else in our day: our choices, our moods, the opportunities for human connection we see or don't see, our awareness and wise or unwise choices.




    Since 2000, my students have found well-being, deeper self-connection, and spiritual renewal through embodied contemplative practices. It has been the joy of my life to teach, and to honor tradition by offering services by donation.

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  • WHAT'S 1-2-1?

    How it all started about 2,500 years ago. And how it continues today

    Common to all contemplative traditions

    before the age of certification and group classes ... there was "skillfulness" (Upaya-kaushalya) based on one-on-one teaching



    Having begun contemplative practice in the decades before commercial yoga, I was lucky to understand the importance of a sustained personal practice which comes from working with a teacher closely.


    I'm grateful that I've served hundreds of my students as they meet life's challenges. My own supervising teacher, Paul Harvey, has taught for almost fifty years. We bring together many direct observations of practices and their effects -- and a good sense of humor -- to serve our students.


    I'm committed to social well-being in this work, by offering introductions and preparation for these individualized practices, on a donation basis, through hospitals and nonprofits, Tibet House US, as well as studios, support groups, universities, and centers.


    I have certifications, for what they are worth (see below). Mainly they are valuable for the many years of teaching internationally, and the insight and experience shared generously by my teachers.


    There is no single "secret sauce." My teaching practice comes from my alignment with my students' values, through the resources of the traditional teachings.


    Thanks for reading this. I hope to speak with you soon about your interest in yoga.




  • Credentials



    I'm trained in viniyoga, the yoga of TKV Desikachar, and am also a certified yoga therapist of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, with a recommendation to teach and supervision from Paul Harvey (YogaStudies.org,) the very well-regarded, senior teacher in the viniyoga tradition of traditional, individually-adapted yoga, and a teacher to whom I owe so much. Vipassana (insight meditation) was my earliest study and background in meditation, and continues to inform the breath-based practices of the viniyoga as I teach it.


    With the support of Martha Jefferson Hospital, I opened the first independent yoga and meditation center inside a Virginia medical center. I also designed and taught the hospital's meditation/stress reduction program for cardiac and cancer care. And I've been certified to teach yoga for cardiac care & cancer care by the leading teachers in those specific fields.


    Other certifications include Integrative Health Professional Coach, @ Duke University's Integrative Health Coaching program. I also hold a certificate in Mindfulness-Based Coaching from the late Doug Silsbee.


    I can be found teaching in the Viniyoga and modern mindfulness traditions regularly at: SUNY Ulster, Tibet House in NYC and also at Mindful Living Space in Kingston, NY.


    Over the past 20 years of my yoga teaching, I also studied South Asian contemplative and philosophic traditions at the University of Virginia Religious Studies graduate program. I've written on these topics, sometimes in the academic context, and also for the International Association of Yoga Therapy Journal and similar.




    I've studied Tara Brach's teaching of "radical acceptance" since 2003, and was selected for the live version teacher training created by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, which will be certified through UCBerkeley's Greater Good Science Center.


    This training frames "awareness" both as an eternal good, bringing optimal human growth, and historically, with its own formations of caste and privilege.


    The goal of bias training in the mind/body community is not to fragment and retaliate. It's holistic, and promotes both individual healing and collective liberation. Leading racial dharma teachers such as Ruth King have helped Jack and Tara's mindfulness communities to recognize and heal bias, and to grow into a more powerful and true "radical acceptance."


    Trauma-sensitive teaching is for so many reasons, well-needed at this moment of our history. I have trained in Somatic Experiencing, an embodied healing practice for trauma, created by Peter Levine PhD. I'm also a recent alum of the Contemplative Psychology program led by Joseph Loizzo MD PhD at Nalanda Institute in NYC where "radical dharma" is an integrated part of the curriculum.



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    Consider scheduling a one-hour consult with me, on a donation basis. We can talk about what you're doing now, and options for further study, coaching, and therapy with me, or with others