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  • Why viniyoga?

    "To address oneself to the most profound in each person, to see, hear, observe what is vital for them, to recognize their beauty, to guide them towards every potential within themselves, requires ... a quality of presence and a quality of listening to the world.” -- Peter Hersnack, senior student of TKV Desikachar

    Viniyoga is the term TKV Desikachar coined to describe his quietly revolutionary approach to modern yoga.


    With individual practice, initially under teacher supervision, we can have sustained immersion in contemplative states by achieving these states gradually, according to a progression, which is termed "vini". With a more progressive, step-by-step approach, we have time to embed our awareness in the mind's natural clarity and stillness, using postures, breath, japam (personal mantra), and concentration.


    Over time, we can develop a practice that reflects a profound internal motivation and overall direction, becoming a carrier of the vital force of prana, a breath and awareness taking us to a consciousness and freedom beyond the individual body.


    Meditative practices have been designed to be shared through individual contact. The goal is to discover what will motivate you consistently, through a lifetime of practice. That motivation comes from deep within, with access to gentle, warmhearted guidance from someone who has been through the discovery process herself.


  • Common to all contemplative traditions ...

    before the age of certification and group classes ... there was the skillfulness of on one-on-one support for personal practice



    My teaching reflects my 20 years of viniyoga personal practice, supervised by Desikachar's senior teachers


    Having begun contemplative practice in the decades before mass trainings, I was lucky to understand the importance of a sustained personal practice which comes from working with a teacher closely.


    I'm grateful that I've served hundreds of my students. My supervising teacher, Paul Harvey, has taught Yoga for almost fifty years, and spent over 25 years working regularly, for sustained periods with TKV Desikachar.


    The people who work with me vary in age and interests. That means I can put to use many hours and observation toward a diverse range of goals. There is no single "secret sauce" -- such as yoga relaxation, a focus on breath or yoga therapy -- for teaching individual home practice in today's climate. We need the varied tools of traditional breath-based yoga, appropriately applied, in the optimal order for that individual.


    The challenge


    The difficulty of home Yoga practice today is not primarily time (we can always start with committing to a short home practice of 15 minutes per day).


    Slow, but steady progress: viniyoga


    Together, we elicit the inner insight ... and the deeper values that drive your practice toward clarity and wellness. We work closely with those values throughout our work together, supported by the resources of the traditional teachings of Buddhism and Yoga.


    Thanks for reading this. I hope to speak with you soon about your interest in meditation and yoga.




  • Working Together:



    PROCESS: Week to week or monthly contact is helpful when we begin work together. In the first meeting, we discuss your needs and questions, then I offer a practice, written in diagram form. Over a few months, we discuss a follow-up plan to help you develop independence and mastery in Yoga philosophy and practice. Vedic chant is a traditional offering of Desikachar's curriculum, and I'm happy to share it with interested students.


    BACKGROUND IN BRIEF: I am one of the two recommended US teachers of individually-adapted yoga by one of the Desikachar tradition's few leading international yoga teachers, Paul Harvey (at YogaStudies.org). I am also a certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the Krishnamacharya Healing Yoga Foundation, indicating over 1000 hours in traditional-style, closely supervised yoga training, beyond my 500 hr. RYT Yoga Alliance base accreditation.



    With the support of Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, I opened the first independent yoga and meditation center inside a Virginia medical center. I also designed and taught the hospital's meditation/yoga program for cardiac and cancer care. And I've been certified to teach yoga for cardiac care and cancer care by the leading teachers in those specific fields.

    To work even more safely in the clinic, I obtained certification as an Integrative Health Professional Coach, at Duke University's Integrative Health Coaching program.


    Together in the World:



    At the heart of yoga, is the question of Life, of clarity, of freedom, of presence to the life within us and to life in the world. In the context of this social and environmental crisis, we're called to heal our own suffering within the context of our social and ecological responsibility, and through a developing awareness of collective, global, and planetary well-being. We might call this highest value, warmheartedness.


    From a spiritual perspective, it's good to help ourselves and our fellow beings live with joy .... so all our minds can settle with a sense of safety, so that we ourselves cultivate gratitude for one other, and move forward with mutual love and respect on a path of awakening. Then, with a clear mind and compassionate heart, we can attend to whatever our common culture and humanity calls us to do, individually and together.


    There is no concept of social justice as such in ancient meditation traditions, or in Yoga. But there is a drive and aspiration to relieve the suffering of everyday life, especially socially conditioned harm, and to help develop wisdom and compassion around relational pain.





    Consider scheduling a one-hour consult with me, free. We can talk about what you're doing now, and options for further study, coaching, and yoga therapy, by phone or in person.